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Fortress Europe: 2 stowaways dead in Belgium

Fortress Europe: 2 stowaways dead in Belgium meanwhile at the borders... this page documents incidents where immigrants have died while trying to enter Europe. the list is by no means complete as it only contains incidents that have been reported in the media. most of the deaths at the border never make it into the papers. also it only counts confirmed deaths while in incidents at sea (which make up the majority of the cases) there are often substantial amounts of people who are missing or unaccounted for. it is safe to assume that most of them have also died. Since we started collecting such incidents here in december 2002 the number of victims has risen to 1349. 22.Dec.05: two stowaways were found dead in the water on Wednesday in the Belgian port of Antwerp. they belong to a group of 10 who spendt the 10-day trip from the Lagos in an unheated machine room on board of a cargo vessel. source:,,2-11-1447_1854419,00.html Also - Stowaways rescued from death on container ship 22 December 2005: BRUSSELS Ten Nigerian stowaways suffering from severe hypothermia were found on a container ship near Antwerp port on Wednesday. The stowaways were taken from the ship at the Kallo lock (Beveren-Waas) after their discovery by a tugboat crew and workers at the lock. Lightly dressed and suffering from severe hypothermia, the illegal immigrants had made the crossing from Lagos in Nigeria with barely any food and freshwater. In the hours before their rescue, the stowaways had started drinking the salty Schelde River water just to survive. They were found in the ship's rudder room, barely protected from the December cold. "They were at the end of their strength and would not have made it to land," harbour pilot Frank De Cort said. The refugees were taken to the lock's medical post, where they said in broken English that two companions were missing. Some said they jumped overboard, whiled others said they were killed and then thrown overboard. Officially, they are listed as missing, newspaper 'De Standaard' reported. In further questioning on Thursday, the illegal immigrants have claimed the captain of the vessel had allowed them on board. The captain has denied the allegations and is assisting investigations being carried out by the Dendermonde public prosecution office. A prosecution spokesman said the stowaways had quickly gone through their food and were drinking sea water to survive. However, there is talk that there was a latch that served as an opening into the rudder room and the prosecution office is investigating. The ship will remain for several days at the habour and the stowaways will probably be repatriated back to Nigeria. If the death of the two missing stowaway proves to a crime that occurred in Belgian waters, the prosecution office will conduct inquiries. The ship, Sint-Elmo, sails under the Maltese flag for the Naples-based shipping company Grimaldi. It set sail originated from Lagos in Nigeria and was en route to Livorno (Italy). Second-hand cars were to be loaded onto the ship at Antwerp. Most of the cars were destined for Africa. A second load of cars was also to be loaded onto the ship in Italy. The journey from Lagos to Antwerp takes nine days and the ship departed from Lagos on 9 December. Between 200 and 300 stowaways make it to Antwerp each year. They are mostly Africans and then predominantly Liberians and Nigerians. A captain who finds stowaways on board is bound by international law to supply them with basic care. [Copyright Expatica News 2005] More recent:
Ship's captain cleared of role in stowaway drama
Stowaway ship departs on schedule from Antwerp

Halliburton, other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking

Halliburton, other lobbyists stall Pentagon ban on human trafficking Raw Story December 28 2005 Three years after a 2002 Presidential Directive demanding an end to trafficking in humans for forced labor and prostitution by U.S. contractors, the Pentagon is still yet to actually bar the practice, The Chicago Tribune reports. Congress approved a similar ban one year later, which was reauthorized by the Senate just last week. The President and Congress have demanded that government agencies include anti-trafficking provisions (covering forced labor and prostitution) in all overseas company contracts. It also extended the ban to subcontractors. According to the Tribune, the concerns of five lobbying groups - including representatives of Halliburton subsidiary KBR and DynCorp - are stalling Pentagon action. These companies are specifically targeting provisions requiring companies to monitor their overseas contractors for violations. Both KBR and DynCorp have been linked to human trafficking cases in the past. The original Bush order came on the heels of revelations that DynCorp employees had purchased women and girls as sex slaves during the 1990s U.S. military presence in Bosnia. The company responded by firing eight employees over the incidents, as well as involvement in illegal arms sales. An excerpt from the Tribune piece details Halliburton's role: In a two-part series published in October, the Tribune detailed how Middle Eastern firms working under American subcontracts in Iraq, and a chain of human brokers beneath them, engaged in the kind of abuses condemned elsewhere by the U.S. government as human trafficking. KBR, the Halliburton subsidiary, relies on more than 200 subcontractors to carry out a multibillion-dollar U.S. Army contract for privatization of military support operations in the war zone. The Tribune retraced the journey of 12 Nepali men recruited from poor villages in one of the most remote and impoverished corners of the world and documented a trail of deceit, fraud and negligence stretching into Iraq. The men were kidnapped from an unprotected caravan and executed en route to jobs at an American military base in 2004. At the time, Halliburton said it was not responsible for the recruitment or hiring practices of its subcontractors, and the U.S. Army, which oversees the privatization contract, said questions about alleged misconduct "by subcontractor firms should be addressed to those firms, as these are not Army issues." Once implemented, the new policy could dramatically change responsibilities for KBR and the Army.

Raw Story

Cell Phone Tracking

Bad Ruling on Cell Phone Tracking: What a Difference a G Makes Yesterday, Magistrate Judge Gorenstein of the federal court for the Southern District of New York issued an opinion permitting the government to use cell site data to track a cell phone's physical location, without the government having to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause. Judge Gorenstein's flawed legal analysis is in sharp contrast to three other federal court opinions strongly rejecting the governments legal arguments, including a decision by Magistrate Judge Orenstein in the Eastern District of New York. While Judge Orenstein referred to the government's legal arguments variously as "unsupported," "misleading," and "contrived," and a Texas court called the convolutions of the governments theory perverse and likened its twists and turns to a "three-rail bank shot," Judge Gorenstein bought the government's arguments hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, this dangerous new opinion falls into a procedural black hole. Because the DOJ is the only party in these surveillance cases, there's no one left to appeal the decision. Meanwhile, the DOJ has refused to appeal all three times it has lost, despite emphatic requests by the Texas and Eastern District magistrates. The result is that other magistrates across the country won't get clear guidance from the appeals courts on this issue. That's why EFF will continue to follow this issue closely, and continue to urge other magistrates who face this question to follow the clear and convincing logic of the three courageous judges who stood up for civil liberties and said no to warrantless cell phone tracking. P.S. The DOJs practice of monitoring cell phone location without probable cause previously inspired us to ask: "What other new surveillance powers has the government been creating out of whole cloth and how long have they been getting away with it?" Recent revelations about President Bush authorizing warrantless wiretaps of Americans by the National Security Agency have given us the beginnings of an answer. Let's hope that's not just the tip of the surveillance iceberg. Fumanchu(myspacer): Incidentally, they cannot track your cell phone for location if you have the battery pulled out. For a while, people have known this was possible, but no court had ever given feds the authority to do so. Cell phones have a pretty bad surveillance record: the A5 algorithm that encrypts most cell phones was cracked by researchers almost ten years ago. Also cell phones can often be used as eavesdropping devices by piggy-backing the broadcast signal (the signal that gives you two or five or whatever bars), but this can be defeated simply by, again, removing the battery/ambient power source...turning it off won't do it. Cell phones can be tracked as to their physical location by triangulating the distance between two or three cell phone towers, which requires intercepting/piggy-backing the same broadcast signal, allowing the same eavesdropping to take place in the process (with the proper equipment).[/color]

When Peace Activism Becomes Collusion With Colonial Occupation

When Peace Activism Becomes Collusion With Colonial Occupation By Marta Rodríguez The recent abductions in Iraq of four Christian Peace Team activists produced two reactions within the American antiwar movement. Some forces, exemplified by the International Solidarity Movement, assumed the Iraqi Resistance was behind the abduction, and condemned the action. Others like Kurt Nimmo, who publishes frequently on the Uruknet site, speculated that the abduction could have only been the result of occupation black ops. We need only remember the October arrest of British soldiers dressed in Arab clothing and loaded with explosives -- not to mention the many bombings of Shiite mosques and other civilian venues denounced by the Association of Muslim Scholars as occupation efforts to sow distrust among Iraqis -- to see why Kurt Nimmo would point the finger at black ops. Unfortunately, all of our speculation won't help us determine who was behind this abduction, because the occupation's efforts to censor the resistance, or drown its message in the cacophony of its black ops propaganda, makes it difficult for us to be certain of what is going on sometimes. However, regardless of who is behind it, we need to consider the possibility that there could be instances where resistance organizations would have legitimate reason to oppose the presence of some nonbelligerent entities in their countries, like peace groups from an aggressor country. A reading of the CPT web site suggests that there very well could be legitimate reasons for Iraqis engaged in armed struggle to find fault with that organization's role in their country. The CPT not only engages in nonviolent protest, but promotes it to the Iraqis. They do this, not for the purpose of adding to the arsenal of tactics which should be at the disposal of any resistance movement, but for the purpose of replacing that armed resistance altogether. They have stated that their role in Iraq is to "take the initiative from those who would do violence." That would include the legitimate defensive violence employed by Iraqis against the war criminals and thieves who slaughter and torture them, in order to plunder their country without hindrance. In addition, the manner in which the CPT goes about seeking relief for Iraqis abused by the American military, takes them from the line of nonviolence and human rights advocacy, directly into the realm of collusion with the occupation. For instance, the 2004 CPT report offers us various descriptions of meetings between their activists and occupation forces, where the military is told by them that if it ends its abuses and excesses, their security situation will improve. This same report describes a January 24, 2004 meeting with Ambassador Richard Jones, (at the time Deputy Administrator and Chief Policy Officer of the Coalition Provisional Authority) and other American occupation personnel. In this meeting, Ambassador Jones discussed the creation of an executive board to work on the human rights abuses experienced by Iraqis. The CPT suggested that Ambassador Jones's staff arrange for regular meetings with Iraqi Human Rights lawyers, and "involve them in the planning for the new justice system in Iraq." Before the meeting was adjourned, the CPT says: "We left information with them about contacting three such groups that we work with on a regular basis and offered to help make initial connections with them." First of all, this may come as a shock to the CPT, but colonial occupiers have no right to security; least of all when their invasion hasn't been prompted by even the semblance of provocation, and when no war crime has been considered too heinous when it comes to terrorizing those who oppose it. How can people who claim to be against the occupation of Iraq offer advice to occupying troops about what might improve their security, even as a carrot for better treatment of the occupied population? What occupier is going to feel compelled to leave a country where it's not welcomed, if its soldiers feel safe to trample about at their leisure? Secondly, that "new justice system for Iraq" which the CPT is so pleased to have Iraqis help design, is the result of an illegal and unprovoked invasion. Its purpose is to legalize that invasion, and the plunder of resources it was meant to secure. Thirdly, anticolonial resistance movements require the support of their people, and their commitment to protect their fighters. This support and protection is in part guaranteed by the people's refusal to dialogue with their enemies, or to settle for anything less than their complete and utter defeat, and ultimate expulsion from their countries. The CPT's promotion of dialogue between Iraqis and their occupiers, and the stick and carrot approach from the other side that often accompanies such dialogue, compromises the security of the Resistance, because it presents the potential for infiltration. Fourth, promoting the collaboration of Iraqis in the design of any structure of the occupier is as good as promoting their acceptance and validation of the occupation of their country. Any relief that would result from this kind of collaboration with the occupiers would only serve to make the occupation palatable, thereby facilitating the U.S.'s hold on Iraq and its resources. This would give a resistance movement all the reason in the world to see the CPT agenda as a threat to their struggle for the liberation of their country, and to go after that organization. Few would find fault with some of the CPT's actions in support of Iraqis, like their attempts to relieve the suffering caused by U.S. sponsored sanctions, and their willingness to serve as human shields to prevent the invasion of their country. But that does not give their organization the right to collect on their efforts by influencing the Iraqi response to their invaders, so as to make life safer and more manageable for them. For anything that citizens from an aggressor country do on behalf of people attacked by their government is owed to them, by virtue of the fact that it is their government who is pursuing their victimization. If the CPT and other American pacifists are so determined to see the plight of their occupation soldiers as somehow equal to that of the people they invade and brutalize, they could at least be principled about the manner in which they pursue their safety. They could encourage them to desert the occupation of Iraq, instead of trying to tie the hands of people who barely have enough to defend themselves with. Relief for prisoners and other Iraqis abused by the occupation should not have to wait until the U.S. is forced to withdraw from Iraq. But there's no reason that Iraqis should have to trade that relief for the security of their movement, or their right to dictate the terms of the U.S.'s withdrawal. Here too the CPT's advocacy for civilians and prisoners is problematic at best, as they create a distinction between the "innocent" and "unjustly" imprisoned -- read those who do not combat the occupiers -- and Resistance fighters, which could undermine the support they require. Many of the objectors to the war in Iraq have described said war as criminal, because it was unprovoked, because it violates the sovereignty of the Iraqis, because of the many abominable war crimes the Americans and British have engaged in throughout its course, and because to prosecute it they've violated the international law they pay so much lip service to. If we truly believe that, then we have to consider all Iraqis intervened with by U.S./British forces as unjustly targeted, be they combatants, randomly brutalized civilians, or persons mistaken as Resistance fighters. As war criminals, international rogues and intruders, those occupiers lack the moral and political legitimacy to hold any Iraqi. Anyone wishing to alleviate the suffering of Iraqi civilians and prisoners should therefore pursue that work under the leadership of the Resistance, so that the relief is not obtained at the expense of their struggle for liberation, and doesn't produce artificial divisions among the population, that would compromise the support that all engaged in that struggle need and deserve. There are those who would argue that the CPT's actions in Iraq are well-intentioned. Perhaps they are the product of the paternalism and naiveté that is so prevalent in the American peace movement, rather than outright malice and investment in their colonial/settler privileges. But the movement here could have sought their release without acting as another mouthpiece of the occupation's demonization of the Iraqi Resistance, or placing their need for freedom and safety above that of Iraqis. They could have demanded that the occupation secure their release by freeing the prisoners the abductors want liberated. Their failure to do that demonstrates once again the self-indulgence, white exceptionalism, colonial arrogance, and anti-Arab bigotry that have driven this movement's response to people fighting colonial conquest in the Middle East. The International Solidarity Movement showed its unabashed opportunism when it attempted to bolster its anti Iraqi Resistance stance by distributing a communiqué, apparently redacted by Hamas, demanding the release of the CPT'ers. The ISM has never supported those in the Palestinian armed resistance, who sacrifice their lives for the liberation of their people. Yet here they are, hiding behind Hamas, in order to take a swipe at another resistance movement, on behalf of citizens of their colonialist regime. If American peace activists are at all interested in making their work relevant to people fighting colonial occupation, they might want to take a page from Ms. Ruth Reynolds, a U.S. pacifist who worked in Puerto Rico, when the Nationalist Party was leading our struggle for independence. Ms. Reynolds worked closely with the Nationalist Party. Though, as a pacifist, she chose not to partake of the party's efforts to organize insurrection against the United States, she did not treat the Puerto Rican people to the disrespect and colonial arrogance of attempting to dictate our methods of struggle. Her work to end violence in Puerto Rico was directed to the ones responsible for it -- the U.S. government who entered our country at gunpoint, and continues to repress our people in order to secure their stay there. Her work, and the work of the Nationalist Party, did not lead to our independence, as other forces derailed the Nationalists' efforts with the "nonviolent solution" of the "Commonwealth" status, which to this date keeps our country in the hands of the U.S. government. But the support work Ms. Reynolds did for our movement is greatly valued to this day by independistas throughout our country. This is the kind of support that Iraqis, Palestinians, and all peoples fighting colonial conquest are owed. Anything less is simply useless and irrelevant. Any support work which requires that colonized people wait till their aggressors are good and ready to stop their violence, or that they settle for anything less than full restitution of the lands and resources that have been stolen from them, is no support work at all. It's betrayal and collusion with colonial aggression, which is no less harmful than the bullets and bombs employed to force the subjugation of the colonized. From Iraq to Falasteen, long live the Mujahideen! Victory to the Iraqi Resistance! Libertad para Irak y Palestina!

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Tennesseans: Join the Fight Against HIV/AIDS!

Today, Thursday, December 1st, 2005 is World AIDS Day.
To remember the millions of people worldwide who have been affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, PPMET is asking you to join us in communicating with Tennessee's Congressional representatives.
The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act provides funding to states to provide services to people living with HIV and AIDS. Despite the successes of the CARE Act, multiple years of flat funding for the CARE Act have stretched the program beyond its capacity to address the needs of those who come to CARE Act programs for services. The CARE Act must be reauthorized and adequately funded to ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS will have a health services that meet their needs.
Join us in asking Congress to reuathorize the funding for the Ryan White CARE Act for 2006. You can send an email to your members of Congress simply by clicking on the link below.

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s): Your Congressperson Your Senators
Below is the sample letter:
Subject: Authorize the Ryan White CARE Act for 2006
Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],
In recognition of World AIDS Day on Thursday, December 1st, I urge you to reauthorize and adequately fund the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act for 2006. HIV/AIDS is a public health crisis in the United States. Over 40,000 people are newly infected in the United States every year. The services that the Ryan White CARE Act funds are vital to the health and lives of millions of our fellow citizens who are living every day with HIV/AIDS. I hope that you will remember the nearly 1 million Americans who are living with HIV/AIDS as you cast your vote for the reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act for 2006. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

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Tennessee school newspapers seized on account of Da Debble.

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. - Copies of a high school's student newspaper were seized by administrators because the edition contained stories about birth control and tattoos, stirring a First Amendment debate. Administrators at Oak Ridge High School went into teachers' classrooms, desks and mailboxes to retrieve all 1,800 copies of the newspaper Tuesday, said teacher Wanda Grooms, who advises the staff, and Brittany Thomas, the student editor. The Oak Leaf's birth control article listed success rates for different methods and said contraceptives were available from doctors and the local health department. Superintendent Tom Bailey said the article needed to be edited so it would be acceptable for the entire school. The edition also contained a photo of an unidentified student's tattoo, and the student had not told her parents about the tattoo, said Superintendent Tom Bailey. "I have a problem with the idea of putting something in the paper that makes us a part of hiding something from the parents," he said. The paper can be reprinted if the changes are made, he said. "We have a responsibility to the public to do the right thing," he said. "We've got 14-year-olds that read the newspaper." Thomas said she wasn't sure about making changes. "I'm not completely OK with reprinting the paper," she said. First Amendment experts were critical of the seizure. "This is a terrible lesson in civics," University of Tennessee journalism professor Dwight Teeter said. "This is an issue about the administration wanting to have control. Either the students are going to have a voice, or you're going to have a PR rag for the administration."
  • Enemyboard
  • Padilla Case Further Reveals Fallacy Of Al Qaeda And US War On Terror

    Padilla Case Exposes Sham of 'War on Terror' Kevin Drum | November 25 2005

    Police Rethink 'Always Armed' Policy By RAY HENRY, Associated Press WriterSun Nov 27, 1:56 PM ET

    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Miami cops to stage sieges, randomly check ID's, ride buses and trains

    Date: Nov 30, 2005 12:57 PM

    American Police State: The Frog Has Cooked
    Miami cops to stage sieges, randomly check ID's, ride buses and trains

    Paul Joseph Watson | November 29 2005

    How do you boil a frog?

    You don't throw the frog into a pot of boiling water, it would immediately jump out. You let the frog sit in warm water and slowly heat the pan until the frog boils to death.

    How do you erect the infrastructure of a police state?

    You incrementally condition both the police and the public that relinquishing liberty in the name of security is necessary because 'we live in dangerous times.'

    Be sure to make Grandpa remove his shoes at the airport but let that cargo through without inspection every time. The truth is that the mythical 'war on terror' was never meant to be won and can never be won because it doesn't exist.

    The real terror is being waged against ordinary people by our own government.

    To say we live in a police state is no longer an alarmist cliche. Perception has clearly and permanently shifted from the police being there to serve the people to the police being there to control the people.

    The Associated Press reports today,

    Miami police announced Monday they will stage random shows of force at hotels, banks and other public places to keep terrorists guessing and remind people to be vigilant.

    Deputy Police Chief Frank Fernandez said officers might, for example, surround a bank building, check the IDs of everyone going in and out and hand out leaflets about terror threats.

    "This is an in-your-face type of strategy. It's letting the terrorists know we are out there," Fernandez said.

    Both uniformed and plainclothes police will ride buses and trains, while others will conduct longer-term surveillance operations.

    "People are definitely going to notice it," Fernandez said. "We want that shock. We want that awe. But at the same time, we don't want people to feel their rights are being threatened. We need them to be our eyes and ears."

    Here we have American police chiefs using military terminology and directing it against American citizens. The random sieges, ID checking and public transport casing is the very benchmark of a police state.

    During a recent trip to the States I realized that the 'land of the free' is in many ways less free than the quasi-Socialist European cesspit I call my home.

    You have to carry your ID everywhere in America, it's almost impossible to get by without it. Buying a pack of cigarettes, renting a canoe, using any public service, requires you to show your ID. Americans are so used to being asked for it that the kind of random sweeps being planned in Miami won't raise an eyebrow. The frog has been sitting in the pot carelessly boiling to its death for too long now.

    The Miami model is the very definition of a pervasive police state based on the fear of terrorists and the fear of being identified as a terrorist if you do not comply with every demand, no matter how much it brutalizes every notion of what it is to live in a free society.

    And where are the terrorists exactly?

    Those goatherders and shoemakers being tortured at Gimo?

    The Pakistani citizens grabbed in the mountains and sold to the US as terrorists by Taliban gangsters for $25,000?

    Jose Padilla, an American citizen, is interned in a military brig for over three years while so-called Al-Qaeda members are tortured to try and implicate him in a dirty bomb plot, it doesn't work and he's brought up on some lame charge of conspiracy. None of the dirty bomb claims can be proven because the other 'Al-Qaeda members' the defense lawyers would call to testify either don't exist, are dead, or their captures were staged by the US government for war propaganda.

    The whole pantomime in quite pathetic but it is being scripted to convince Americans that giving up their rights aids the baloney war on terror.

    The phantom terror cells waiting to strike inside America are about as real as Saddam Hussein's intercontinental biological weapons drones. They don't exist.

    Yet the semi-retarded police chiefs and foot soldiers who salivate over the Miami model do so in the warped fundamentalist belief that they are protecting America from the evil Muslims.

    The government terrorists that blew up trains and buses in Madrid and London chose those targets because they want to move the police state into areas which affect all of us on a day to day basis. That way the dictatorship has the excuse to be up close and personal.

    If we do not radically increases our efforts to stop this horror, in a very short time America is going to look like a combination of 1984, They Live, The Running Man and 'V' all rolled into one.

    Showing your ID to the federal stormtrooper as he cases the bus with an M16 will be the least of your concerns.

    The behavior analysis surveillance cameras will be more of a worry. Will it pick up on the fact that you're sweating a little after running for that train? Have a big presentation to make at the conference today? A little nervous? Let's hope the mind scanner doesn't take that as potential signpost for Al-Qaeda membership.

    This isn't a future dystopia, the technology is already in use.

    The near future looks like this.

    Biometric iris scanners in every mall, cinema, sports stadium and government building.

    Behaviour analysis security cameras that will flag armed National Guard if your physical behaviour happens to be Al-Qaeda like in the opnion of Big Brother.

    Brain scanners that detect stress, another benchmark of your potential to blow something up.

    RFID-tracked ID cards with colored grades of security clearance denoting what public services you are allowed to access by the government. Don't worry, if you're a well behaved boot licker your food stamp quota will be high.

    Federal stormtroopers on every corner of every major city randomly checking ID's, doing pat downs and searching bags.

    Special alert signals that will help the public catch dissidents on the loose. High definition LCD mug shots of said evildoers on high rises in major cities.

    Food stamp and credit bonuses for information leading to apprehension of said evildoers.

    Mind control towers that send out calming beams of mental candy floss to keep the slaves in line. Conspiracy theory? Sound weapons that both disperse and calm protesters are already being used from Iraq to New York.

    Talking telescreen surveillance cameras that bark orders at anyone not showing the proper bodily and mental characteristics and traits.

    Surveillance drones watching Americans from up high.

    Foreign troops and mercenaries utilized to dish out their particular brand of fascism and tyranny.

    The torture cadres of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, and the bloodthirsty serial killers now roaming Iraq, will be brought home to have their way with anti-government terrorists threatening to halt the construction of the glorious Fourth Reich.

    Regular car bombs and suicide bomber attacks to keep the state of emergency high and provide the justification for all of the above. This is the Miami model and it's the ultimate goal of the psychopathic elite.

    Sound like an alarmist rant?

    Tell that to Deborah Davis, a war Mom now going to court in Denver for refusing to show her ID when a federal God stormed the bus and demanded to see it.

    The consequences of the next staged terror attack will make all this look like milquetoast and Americans have been carefully prepared for such eventualities like a vetenarian pets a dog before the lethal injection.

    The frog has cooked and if we don't figuratively jump out of the boiling pot right now we're going to be devoured by the gaping jaws of the insane, maniacal, sociopathic, remorseless, bloodthirsty Globalists who see the creation of total and absolute despotism as their divine calling.

    FBI closes probe into Till's death By Charles Sheehan

    The struggle to maintain grassroots feminist responses to male violence By Anna Willats, Mandy Bonisteel and Marilyn McLean

    The Ugly Business of Women’s Beauty By Jackie Esmonde

    Radio Station Launches "Kill Tookie Hour," Protests Mount By Houston Williams

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Congress Helps Self to $3,100 Pay Raise but Postpones Action on Spending and Tax Bills By DAVID ESPO AP Special Correspondent

    House votes to cut $700 mln in food stamps

    A New Federal War on Dissent? by James Bovard, Posted November 16, 2005

    Wise Intelligent releases new singles from his upcoming solo


    Intelligent Muzik proudly presents the 1st offering from Wise Intelligent’s highly anticipated solo album, Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor!

    The first single is called, “A Genocide”. It scientifically breaks down the CIA’s deliberate and direct connection to the Crack Cocaine explosion that devastated families and communities from urban to suburban. The song has been described as a powerful lyrical and sonic assault on the senses.

    The track was produced by PJ of the HavKnotz and Wise Intelligent. A Genocide takes Hiphop back to the glory days where substance and style were one and the same.

    1. A Genocide +*
    (T. Taylor ASCAP, PJ)
    Produced by PJ for the HavKnotz and Wise Intelligent
    Additional vocals by Somer Lane

    The companion single is called, “Youths & Thugz” and has become the new revolutionary anthem for the next generation of Freedom Fighters. This song is a call to arms for every Man, Woman, and Child who is living below the poverty line and is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    The track was produced by Masada of the HavKnotz and Wise Intelligent. Youths & Thugz is the kind of revolutionary song that your favorite MC is afraid to make!

    2. Youth & Thugz feat. Popular+*
    (T. Taylor, ASCAP; Jumal Pierre, ASCAP; David Phillips, ASCAP)
    Written by Wise Intelligent and Popula for UpTop Entertainment
    Produced by Masada for the HavKnotz and Wise Intelligent


    “A Genocide”

    “Youths and Thugz”

    As a bonus...check out Wise Intelligent's "Niggaz Iz" (+ Lesson)


    For more information about Wise Intelligent and Intelligent Muzik, visit:

    For interviews and features, contact Born Free at

    Lyrics to "A Genocide"

    A Genocide
    By Wise Intelligent

    I’m living this ghetto life with a seed and a wife and it don’t look good…
    Crack life done changed my hood; I’m take it back to 81’….
    Nicaraguan coca rush contra’s selling coke to us…
    CIA don’t make the bust but help it cross the border plus…

    They organized the dealers cause Samoza’s contra’s need the…
    Dough from off the ghetto streets to over throw the Sandanistas…
    I’m young I’m black and I’m poor now dollars knocking at my door…
    Couple of Nicaraguan cats said bring them 8 and I keep 4…

    I’m getting this money I’m balling offing this shit to Bloods and Crips…
    Locking down these ghetto strips sexing chicks and pushing whips…
    Free-basin’s getting thick I’m cooking this powder straight to bricks…
    Bout to see a million six never knew how thick this shit could get…

    And now the gangs are banging claiming sets and drug possession…
    Now we need some better weapons, contra AK-47…
    UZI’S, SK-11’s, INTRA-TEKS, homicide…
    I’m just a ghetto youth caught up in A GENOCIDE…

    VS 2

    Lotta innocent lives are lost, black communities paid the cost…
    All the drugs and guns we bought financed CIA dirty wars…
    I’m just a young boy born down in a ghet-to…
    Hanging out on corners cooling with my fel-la’s…

    Now I’m sitting in a 6 x 10…got life with no parole…
    Crack life done stole my soul, and a nigga got all the blame…
    I’m talking tons of crack flying cross the border black…
    I ain’t have no part in that where my planes and vessels at?

    I’m talking a Dark Alliance CIA, drug dealers, contra’s…
    Bad boys who move in silence this a different kind of monster…
    Ain’t none of them crackers locked, for the rest of they life in jail…
    For the innocent folk they shot, or the drugs and guns they sale…

    Now the government “war on drugs” making it look like I’m the reason…
    Coca come from overseas and most Americans do believe’em…
    Hit me with a CCE (Continued Crime Enterprise)…
    But I’m just a ghetto youth, caught up in a genocide…

    VS 3

    If a nigga don’t eat, nigga gone starve, nigga don’t got no job…
    Played high school ball hoop dreams but I really can’t read…
    Start smoking weed gotta escape all the shit I need…
    Try da make it to the NBA but a nigga just blew out both his knees…

    I’m lonely in these streets…I’m crying on these beats…
    But you know I gotta suck that up, cause don’t nobody give a fuck…
    Who better to use than me…to move the contra’s coke?
    I’m young, I’m black, and I’m poor, and now my spirits broke…

    Youth violence escalates black property values drop…
    Black leaders hesitate, to reach out to my block…
    Ole Earth wanna sell her home for which she paid like ninety gees…
    Gang bangers clappin chrome so the bank say it ain’t worth 33…

    Gentrification making somebody rich but I know it ain’t me…
    Incarceration prison population size increase…
    The biggest business in the country now is giving me time…
    I’m just a ghetto youth caught up in a genocide…

    Urgent Action Alert: Citizens of this planet, the people of Haiti remembering their roots, are calling out to you

    Donate to the FreeHaitiMovement-Ezili Danto's Work, go to

    Urgent Action Alert: Citizens of this planet, the people of Haiti remembering their roots, are calling out to you
    ********Stop the occupation of Haiti, support freedom, justice and democracy*Please send out appeals immediately.
    ***********************************************************************Remembering Haiti is hallowed ground for Charlemagne Peralte and DredWilmes, they offer their lives everyday, that's all they have to offer. It'severything. (See a face of Haiti's indigenous army facing off Manifest Destiny in 2004)* Moral suasion alone will not free Haitians: Remembering the 86th anniversary of the assassination of Carlemagne Peralte. Remembering our roots. Tousaint Louverture had tried to civilized the whites in Haiti. Instead all his efforts, negotiations and moral suasions ended in betrayal and Toussaint being treacherously and lowly blindsided, kidnapped and sent to die in a very cold prison exile. ***********************************************************************Bandits or Patriots?: Documents from Charlemagne PèralteNY Chapter of Fanmi Lavalas denounces Marc Bazin and his renegadeFanmi Lavalas acolytesPro-democracy groups protest Ron Daniels/Haiti Support Projectsymposium with coup d'etat supporters and orchestratorsRon Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at is again and White "Saviors" of Haiti vs. Haitian self-determination and actualizationFacing Manifest Destiny's Iron Will. Haitians have - Been there. Done ThatOpen Letter to the Little Girl in the Yellow Sunday DressReactions to poem in 2002 Controversy with US
    Urgent Action Alert, October 29, 2005(Please distribute widely)On the eve of the 86th anniversary of the assassination of Charlemagne Peralte by US Marines who cold-bloodedly killed this great son of Haiti on October 31, 1919 during the first US occupation of Haiti, we at the Haitian Lawyers Leadership lift up his name and that of all the Dred Wilmes, Claire Heureuse and Marie-Jeannes' in Haiti today as well as all Haitians, abroad and at home, who have honored themselves and our African ancestors by going against Euro/US barbarity, racism and colonialism in this new imperialist/neocon era.The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, again, appeals for international support on the People of Haiti's right to self-respect, self-determination and self-defenseWe ask for help to stop the killing of innocent Haitian men, women and children. We ask all good-will peoples on this planet to denounce Ron Daniel's and his "honest brokering" and State Department "symposiums" that only resulted in a few disconnected-from-the-people's-umbilical chord, renegade Lavalas members sanctioning the Bush revenge on the people of Haiti with the "return of Marc Bazin." This time morphed by the imperialists and his Haitian and Ron Daniels sycophants as a "Lavalas" presidential candidate to confuse and destroy further the democracy movement in Haiti. A Marc Bazin on whose behalf Bush, the father, helped instigate the first coup d'etat against Haiti's first democratically elected President in 1991, which resulted in the murder of over 5,000 innocent Haitians, 70,000 Haitian refugees passing through the US penal colony, known as Guantanamo Bay and more than 350,0000 internal Haitian refugees.See, NY Chapter of Fanmi Lavalas denounces Marc Bazin and his renegade Fanmi Lavalas acolytesPro-democracy groups protest Ron Daniels/Haiti Support Project symposium with coup d'etat supporters and orchestrators Ron Daniels and the Haiti Support Project is at is again and asks for the world's support in stopping USAID's "pacification" programs in Haiti. We ask that the citizens of this planet, please, do what's necessary to stop the killings in Site Soley Denounce the slaughter and abuse of Haitian women and girls and incarceration and slaughter of our men and boys by UN Troops, acting as proxy for Bush, the son, Canada and France.The people of Site Soley and in Haiti's poor neighborhoods are daily threatened by the UN with Jordanian urban guerilla units if they do not stop demonstrating for return to constitutional order, justice and law and participate in these sham foreign-sponsored (s)elections. Stop this repression, this forced voting, this racism, paternalism and help FREE the people of Site Soley, Bel Air, Delmas 2, Solino, Petit Cazeau, Martissant and throughout Haiti. Get background info by clicking here. Calls for international action to secure the immediate release of all political prisoners of this US-installed puppet government in Haiti. Get background info at Free Jean Juste.But please remember political action, economic boycott and public censure/exposure are essentially what pro-democracy Haitians are asking from solidarity groups.Since this 1995 massacre summer in Haiti, since the USAID/OIM-soccer match "pacification" and the appointment of Timothy M. Carney of the Haiti Democracy Project to the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, along with documented UN Security Council's refusal to respect Haitian self-determination, CARICOM and African Union appeals, unlike the white leftist "saviors" of Haiti, Haitians can no longer justify whatsoever going to these very institutions (the UN, Timothy M Carney at the US Embassy, the Bush Gov. et al ) or, in other words, rely on moral suasion alone to redress our grievances. Our interests oftentimes converge in terms of general human rights issues, but historically white leftists, have faced-off with the likes of CLR James, Frantz Fanon, Ralph Ellison, Angela Davis and Malcom X., beginning with the split between Frederick Douglass and abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison. Why? Because, in general, the white leftist tolerates racism in a democracy. Can afford an ahistorical consciousness because of white privilege. And, having bought, consciously or unconsciously their own “goodness,” “whiteness” and unselfishness within the "grand narrative of human enlightenment called America," they can fail to see how their relative financial clout, white privilege and connections buys them more access, faster legitimacy, Haitian-faces to use as tokens and for plausible deniability, the same way the UN peacekeepers in Haiti and in the Congo, using their power-privilege, can fail to see how their offer of food and money for sex with desperate and impoverished black women and girls is not rape, but prostitution. HLLN has supported all who respect a Haitian's right to self-determination, self-reliance, self-respect and continues that support when our interests converge. But we have learn, through our experience these last 19-months alone and before with the first coup d'etat, that there are those white leftists who rely mainly on moral suasion as the agent for any needed reform. Problem is, Blacks do not have that luxury, white privilege destroys our humanity, renders us dependent and makes democracy impossible. Thus, our very survival demands real self-defense strategies and not empty appeals to the very racists and steeped-in-white-privilege institutions that created Haiti's hell. So, if you wish to help Haitians, please DO NOT waste your appeals to the UN, to the US-installed government, the coup d'etat governments or Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy M. Carney. You're better off telling your next door neighbor about what they are not seeing on CNN on Haiti then telling the UN and US what they already know and wishes to hide behind the headlines. Kindly send appeals and background info to the MEDIA. Flood the U.S. local, national and international media with your concerns about the abuse, occupation,genocide and re-enslavement of the people of Site Soley and Haiti. Help HLLN with Campaign Five: Denounce U.S. big-business neo-liberalism, "free trade", andglobalization initiatives and privatization schemes for Haiti (including the HERO ACT and other such measures) as financial colonialism. Also, boycott or otherwise expose and financially hamper U.S. companies in Haiti violating Haitian minimum wage, workers rights, union organizing or otherwise jeopardizing Haitian health, life, safety and human rights. Boycott the companies that support coup d'etat, injustice and underdevelopment in Haiti. Boycott Bush.Sponsor an HLLN's "To tell the Truth Forum About Haiti" and help promote the FreeHaitiMovement Support and circulate the Haiti Resolution and 5-points from the grass-roots in HaitiSupport FreeHaitiMovement events such as the Pan-Canadian Week of Action to Condemn Sham Elections in Haiti, November 12-20, 2005 Sponsored by The Canada Haiti Action Network FreeHaitiMovement Men Anpil Chay pa Lou!!!Maximum Respect,Marguerite Laurent, EsqFounder/Chair of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership NetworkOctober 28, 2005Remembering the struggles, life and legacies of Charlemagne Peralte and all of Haiti's Dred Wilmes and Marie Jeannes facing LeClerc's new and retooled armies**********To Donate, please support HLLN's work.**************************Oct. 17, 2005 - remembering our roots of liberty.****************** - Dred Wilme, A Hero for the 21st Century, Oct 17, 2005Emmanuel Dred Wilme: A hero for the 21st century - October 17, 2005, a day set aside for honoring Haiti's liberator, Jean Jacques Dessalines. Thank you Father Dessalines by Morisseau-Leroy (English translation) - We honor Defile, with a poem in Kreyol from Jafrikayiti entitled "Defile Manman "Chimè"?" Defile is the Haitian woman who honored Dessalines and gave him a proper burial after he was forsaken. ( ) - Mesi Papa Desalin (the Kreyol original of the poem "Thank You Father Dessalines") - EMMANUEL "DREAD" WILME, The Bandit King of Cite Soleil, formerly the US/UN Most Wanted Man SPEAKS - Dred Wilme Speaks (April 4, 2005 interview on Lakounewyork for Lakounewyork and for the Ezili Danto Witness Project) - The Crucifixion of Emmanuel "Dread" Wilme by U.N. Troops: A historical perspective by Marguerite Laurent Haitian perspective April 21, 2005******************************We won't be peaceful and let them kill us any longer "We are abandoning the position of the moderates who tell us to be peaceful and work within the system while we starve and the interim government kills us. While we don't have the weapons to go seeking out battles, we have decided as a community that enough is enough." 'We won't be peaceful and let them kill us any longer' Bel Air interview with Roaean Baptiste*HLLN Note. Haiti is hallowed ground, set by our African ancestors as a place Black people could be free within a sea full of Euro/U.S. enslavers. We Haitians stand firm against the re-colonization of Haiti through dictatorship as being instigated and masked by the chaos and instability brought on by the bicentennial coup d'etat, phony elections fever, all, divide and conquer mechanisms and pretexts used to cloak and justify the poverty pimp's (USAID/US/IMF/WB) planned establishment of an ultimate US/UN protectorship in Haiti.************
    The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network's Appeal for international support on the People of Haiti's right to self-respect, self-determination and self-defense
    We Haitian democracy activists have taken on ourselves a great task. The Haitian people have been robbed again, not only of the wealth of our country, and not only of the lives and livelihoods of our countrymen, but of our sense of self-determination.The very essence of being Haitian is the connection to those freedom fighters of the revolution who would not lie down and obey the men who claimed to be their masters. Today, Haiti is being ruled by a regime that was selected by foreign powers. The legitimate officials are in exile, in hiding, or in captivity.All around, voices are telling us to suffer this indignity, to give up on our quest for self-governance, that somehow we are unfit to choose our own leaders or our own style of governance.We utterly reject this pattern of thought. It is the mental slavery from which Bob Marley calls us to emancipate ourselves. For the average Haitian "This Song of Freedom" is truly all we have ever had. And now they want to take that too.It is with this sense of insistence and urgency that we set forth our grievances and define our terms for reconciliation in the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution. We ask that all Haitian democracy activists circulate this resolution, and address the issues and demands of the resolution to their own governments, and to the United Nations, which has the responsibility for protecting the right of self-determination. But most of all, we ask all solidarity groups who wish to sincerely help Haitians, to not just send their appeals to the UN, the US-installed government, the coup d'etat governments or Haiti Democracy Project's Timothy M. Carney. You're better off telling your next door neighbor about what they are not seeing on the conventional media about Haiti then simply telling the UN, US, Candadian officials (et al) what they already know and wish to hide behind the headlines. Kindly send appeals and background info to the MEDIA. Flood the U.S. local, national and international media with your concerns about the abuse, occupation, genocide and re-enslavement of the people of Haiti. letters of appeals to the media is a start, but political action, economic boycott and systemic and consistent public censure/exposure are essentially what pro-democracy Haitians are asking from solidarity groups. Please also do this by supporting our 7 Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou campaigns and boycotts. The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Haiti Resolution:1. Demand the return of constitutional rule to Haiti by restoring all elected officials of all parties to their offices throughout the country until the end of their mandates and another election is held, as mandated by Haiti's Constitution;2. Condemn the killings, illegal imprisonment and confiscation of the property of supporters of Haiti's constitutional government and insist that Haiti's illegitimate "interim government" immediately cease its persecution and put a stop to persecution by the thugs and murderers from sectors in their police force, from the paramilitaries, gangs and former soldiers;3. Insist on the immediate release of all political prisoners in Haitian jails, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Interior Minister Privert and other constitutional government officials and folksinger-activist Sò Anne;4. Insist on the disarmament of the thugs, death squad leaders and convicted human rights violators and their prosecution for all crimes committed during the attack on Haiti's elected government and support the rebuilding of Haiti's police force, ensuring that it excludes anyone who helped to overthrow the democratically elected government or who participated in other human rights violations;5. Stop the indefinite detention and automatic repatriation of Haitian refugees and immediately grant Temporary Protected Status to all Haitian refugees presently in the United States until democracy is restored to Haiti; and6. Support the calls by the OAS, CARICOM and the African Union for an investigation into the circumstances of President Aristide's removal. Support the enactment of Congresswoman Barbara Lee's T.R.U.T.H Act which calls for U.S. Congressional investigation of the forcible removal of the democratically elected President and government of Haiti.
    *****************************************************It is up to the Haitians living abroad to support the people of Haiti against Euro/US pressures and against desperate movesThe Leadership leads: Standing on Truth, Living without FearIt is up to Haitians living abroad to support the people of Haiti against Euro/US pressures and against desperate moves. Today the majority of the peoples of Haiti are cornered and hunted as in the times of slavery. On the matter of Fanmi Lavalas' participating in these elections, the respected pro-democracy militant of Site Soley, John Joël Joseph, accurately puts the matter in perspective when he says the people of Site Soley "have decided to vote in these elections to avoid providing a pretext for repression..." Thus there is NO QUESTION this "voting" in Haiti is being IMPOSED on the majority of Haitians. The people of Haiti are not exercising free will in this matter. They are operating under military occupation and censorship. Below is an AHP report on the matter of elections entitled "National grassroots cells of Fanmi Lavalas in Cité Soleil are declare support for René Préval and demand the release of all the political prisoners."There is no doubt the grassroots democracy movement in Haiti, the majority poor in Haiti, especially the resisting poor in Site Soley and Bel Air are under UN/US guns to vote as the whites settlers want them to, or be indefinitely incarcerated, or get shot. But we Haitians in the Diaspora are not under such desperate pressures. It falls, therefore, on us to hold the flame of hope and liberty alive. To clarify and clear the Willie Lynch-type deliberately strummed conflicts and confusion until Haitians in Haiti may exercise free will without fearing the UN/PNH's summary executions or arbitrary imprisonment. It falls on us-Haitians of greater means to mobilize against these elections and convey to our brothers and sisters in Haiti that they are indeed not alone in their fight against US/Euro might and imperialistic barbarity. HLLN stands on these truth, no matter how surreal these selections become. We shall always categorically denounce these rigged elections while understanding and supporting the people of Site Soley, Bel Air, Milot and throughout Haiti maneuvers to stay alive in accordance with the above quoted statement of Joël Joseph (See Oct. 24, 2005 AHP report below for full quote.) HLLN stands on the 5-points and shall carry them forth for the grassroots until the repression is lifted.In sum, on behalf of all who have perished for Haiti's liberty since 1503, HLLN takes this opportunity to strongly denounce all the current presidential candidates in Haiti without distinction, including Preval, Bazin, Simeus. All are collaborators. For, by their willingness to ignore that Father Jean Juste and Yvon Neptune, et al, are falsely imprisoned; by their willingness to run for office in these anti-democratic elections - by their sanctioning of these rigged elections in spite of the coup d'etat repression, massacres, jailings, apartheid and occupation climate- they indeed only formally legitimize and are helping to solidify dictatorship, occupation and the recolonization of Haiti. HLLN, Oct. 25, 2005****************National grassroots cells of Fanmi Lavalas in Cité Soleil are declare support for René Préval and demand the release of all the political prisoners Port-au-Prince, October 24, 2005 (AHP)- The members of national grassroots cells of Fanmi Lavalas declared support Monday for electing former Haitian President René Garcia Préval to a new mandate in the coming elections. During a press conference, a leader of the base cells, René Monplaisir, announced that a great mobilization will take place on October 27 as a sign of support for René Préval.Another official, John Joël Joseph, for his part said they have decided to vote in these elections to avoid providing a pretext for repression, even though, in his view, Fanmi Lavalas is not participating in the elections. He took this opportunity to call for the release of all the political prisoners and the return to Haiti of all those who have been exiled. ************************************************************‘Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.’--James Baldwin*********** *********************************
    "Transformation is only valid if it is carried out with the people, not for them. Liberation is like a childbirth, and a painful one. The person who emerges is a new person: no longer either oppressor or oppressed, but a person in the process of achieving freedom. It is only the oppressed who, by freeing themselves, can free their oppressors."- Paulo Freire, from Pedagogy of the Oppressed*************************On Working White Liberals by Maya AngelouI don't ask the Foreign LegionOr anyone to win my freedomOr to fight my battle better than I can,Though there's one thing that I cry forI believe enough to die forThat is every man's responsibility to man.I'm afraid they'll have to prove firstThat they'll watch the Black man move firstThen follow him with faith to kingdom come.This rocky road is not paved for usSo, I'll believe in Liberal's aid for usWhen I see a white man load a Black man's gun.*************************Click here to go to: the Harvard Report, Small Arms report, Miami Law Center Report, Amnesty International ReportsHaiti's 5-points: a real foundation for the restoration of peace and security to Haiti. by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network as a FreeHaitiMovement event******************(Donate to support HLLN's work: ) ******************Condemn the upcoming rigged (s)elections in Haiti*****************- Haiti's Biometric Elections: A High-Tech Experiment in Exclusionby Andréa Schmidt - US and UN are not Qualified to Teach Haitians about Democracy by Marguerite Laurent - The Elections Game is On by Justin Podur- Two Faced in Haiti by Justin Podur- Haiti Today - Voter Registration by Brad Workman ( for interview with OAS elections official Elizabeth Spehar Oct. 7, 2005)HLLN Note: these "National ID Cards" sponsored by the OAS and other foreigners are as repugnant as the World Bank debts and US, French and Canadian contracts being divvied up to foreigners to fleece Haiti under this US-installed government. Every decision made and contract entered into after Feb. 29, 2004 by these defacto, on behalf of Haiti as a nation, ALL are unconstitutional, a violation of Haitian sovereignty, dignity, and international laws and not binding on the peoples of Haiti, whatsoever. Haitians are human beings, vested with HUMAN RIGHTS, not anyone’s chattel to be DICTATED to by the OAS, UN, US, France or Canada or their Haitian overseers.- COHA: Haiti – And You Call This an Election? Oct. 11, 2005
    - COHA: Haiti - And You Call This an Election? Oct. 11, 2005*********
    CONTACT INFORMATION:Call and write the United Nations: 212-963-4879,*UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)PHONE: 011.509.244.9650.9660FAX: 011.509.244.9366/67Or, Fax, Office of General Secretary (New York) - 212.963.4879Hon. Kofi Annan, Secretary-GeneralUnited NationsUnited Nations HeadquartersFirst Avenue at 46th StreetNew York, NY; press office: (509) 510-2563 ext. : 6343Ambassador Anne PattersonActing Permanent U.S. representative to the United Nations:212-415-4050 or Peggy Kerry: kerryp@state.govBacre Waly NdiayeDirector-New York Office of the UN Office of the HighCommissioner for Human Rightsph: 212-963-1583 or 212-963-5930fax: 212-963-3463Louise ArbourUN High Commissioner for Human Rights1211 Geneva 10Switzerlandph: 41-22-917-9000fax: 41-22-917-9011email: ngochr@ohchr.orgPhilip AlstonSpecial RapporteurUN High Commissioner for Human Rights.1211 Geneva 10, SwitzerlandFax: 41 22 917 9006email:*Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Head of Human Rights DivisionJuan Gabriel ValdésUnited Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)385, Ave. John Brown, Bourdon, B.P. 557,Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)Fax: +509 244 3512Email: *Thierry FagartHuman Rights Division, MINUSTAH385, Ave. John Brown, Bourdon, B.P. 557Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)Fax: +509 244 9366+509 244 9367*Email: fagart@un.orgFax No. (212) 963-4879Hon. Kofi Annan, Secretary-GeneralUnited NationsUnited Nations HeadquartersFirst Avenue at 46th StreetNew York, NY and*************************************Additional contact information:AmbassadorEmbassy of the Republic of Haiti2311 Massachusetts Ave.NW.Washington DC 20008Fax: 1 202 745 7215Email: embassy@haiti.orgU.S. Charge D'affairs, Timothy CarneyUnited States EmbassyPort-au-Prince, HaitiTelephones: 011-509-223-4711, or 222-0200 or 0354Fax: 011-509-223-1641 or 9038Email to Dana Banks, Human Rights Officer:BanksD@state.gov___________Canadian Ambassador to Haiti, Claude BoucherEmbassy of CanadaPort-au-Prince, HaitiTelephone: 011-509- 249-9000Fax: 011-509-249-9920Email: prnce@international.gc.ca________________________________________________Ambassador of France in Haiti, M. Yves GAUDEULEmbassy of France51 place des Héros de l'Indépendance - BP 312Port-au-Prince, HaitiTelephone: 011-509-222-0952Fax : 011-509-223 5675cc: Fax or send copies to:Fax. No. 011-509-245-0474Me. Henri DorlèansMinistre de la Justice et de la Sècuritè PubliqueMinistère de la Justice19 Avenue Charles SumnerPort-au-Prince, Haiti*General Director of the Haiti National PoliceMario AndresolDirecteur Général de la Police Nationale d'HaïtiGrand Quartier Générale la Police12 rue Oscar Pacot, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)Fax: 011-509 245 7374*Prime MinisterGérard LatortueMinistère de l'Intérieure, Villa d'Accueil, Delmas 60Musseau, Port-au-Prince, HAITI (W.I.)Fax: +509 298 3901**************************************************Forwarded by the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network**************************************************

    Empty bellies and empty elections By G. Dunkel

    See:Urgent Action Alert: Citizens of this planet, the people of Haiti remembering their roots, are calling out to you: Stop the occupation of Haiti, support freedom, justice and democracy * Please send out appeals immediately. Thank you.

    Feds to Fund Controversial School Surveillance by Catherine Komp

    Volunteers: Police Harassment of New Orleans Relief Workers Escalating by Jessica Azulay

    Damian Marley's new video Road To Zion feat. Nas

    Tenants Fight Back Against Displacement By Matt Ginbserg-Jaeckle and Ebonee Stevenson

    Surviving Controversy By Kirsten Anderberg (

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    Flexcar: Public Car Sharing in 2005 By Kirsten Anderberg (

    You can receive Kirsten's articles, as they are written, via an email list called "Eat the Press." Go to to join the list.

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    La Haine director Matthieu Kassovitz speaks out

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Alabama closes Internet Cafes --Stop that gaming now

    The Juba Sniper legend

    If you watch the video please be warned that its not pleasant. The Juba Sniper legend Story Here's the story about the sniper Juba is the nickname given byAmerican forces to an insurgent sniper operating in southern Baghdad. They do not know his appearance, nationality or real name,but they know and fear his skill.They have never seen . They hear him, but by then it's too late: a shot rings out and another US soldier slumps dead or wounded. He : Killing 143 US soldier A wounding 054 US soldier Killing 005 USOfficers Killing 006 US soldier There is never a follow-up shot, never a chance for US forces to identify the origin, to make the hunter the hunted. He fires once and vanishes. Juba is unusual in targeting only coalition troops, a difficult quarry protected by armoured vehicles, body armour and helmets. He waits for soldiers to dismount, or stand up in a Humvee turret, and aims for gaps in their body armour, the lower spine, ribs or above the chest. He has killed from 200 metres away. Take look at an insurgent sniper known as Juba To see the VIDEO* of Iraqi Sniper picking off American Troops click Here To Listen to a reporter on the Sniper click Here Elusive sniper saps US morale in Baghdad,12271,1542824,00.html

    US threatens to block £890m Spanish arms sale to Venezuela Giles Tremlett in Madrid and Jamie Wilson in Washington Thursday Nov. 24, 2005 The Guardian

    US threatens to block £890m Spanish arms sale to Venezuela

    An Occupation Worth Applauding Celebrate Un-Thanksgiving By Mickey Z.

    Until the federal penitentiary was closed in 1963, Alcatraz Island was a place most folks tried to leave. On Nov. 20, 1969, the island's image underwent a drastic makeover. That was the day thousands of American Indians began an occupation that would last until June 11, 1971. The 1973 armed occupation of Wounded Knee along with the siege at the Pine Ridge Reservation one year later (which led directly to the incarceration of Leonard Peltier) are etched deeper in the public consciousness in terms of recent Indian history, but is was the Alcatraz Island occupation that ushered in a new era of Native American activism. "The occupiers," writes Ben Winton in the Fall 1999 issue of Native Peoples magazine, "were an unlikely mix of Indian college activists, families with children fresh off reservations and urban dwellers disenchanted with what they called the U.S. government's economic, social and political neglect." "We hold The Rock," proclaimed Richard Oakes, a Mohawk from New York. Oakes became the occupiers' spokesman...and his words became their motto. "The occupation of Alcatraz was about human rights," said Winton. "It was an effort to restore the dignity of the more than 554 American Indian nations in the United States." Over the course of the occupation, over 5600 American Indians took part-some for a day, some for the entire 18 months. Twenty-three year-old John Trudell, a Santee Sioux from San Bernardino, California heard about the occupation, packed a sleeping bag, and headed to Frisco. "He became the voice of Radio Free Alcatraz, a pirate station that broadcast from the island with the help of local stations" explains Winton. "When he hit the airwaves, the response was often overwhelming. Boxes of food and money poured in from everywhere-from rock groups such as The Grateful Dead and Creedence Clearwater Revival (who staged a concert on a boat off Alcatraz and then donated the boat), Jane Fonda, Marlon Brando, city politicians, and everyday folks." For the first time in modern American history, the plight of Native Americans was making headlines. The fledgling American Indian Movement (AIM) visited the occupiers and soon began a series of their own occupations across America. AIM would soon become a powerful multi-tribal protest organization...just one of the many important outcomes of the Alcatraz takeover. "Despite its chaos and factionalism, the event resulted in major benefits for American Indians," Winton states. "Years later, Brad Patterson, a top aide to President Richard Nixon, cited at least ten major policy and law shifts." Some of those policy shifts include: •Passage of the Indian Self Determination and Education Act •Revision of the Johnson O'Malley Act to better educate Indians •Passage of the Indian Financing Act and the Indian Health Act •Creation of an Assistant Interior Secretary post for Indian Affairs Even today, Alcatraz Island remains part of Native American culture as every November since 1975, on what is called "Un-Thanksgiving Day," Indians gather on the island to honor the occupation and those who continue to fight today. ****** Excerpted from "50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know: Reclaiming American Patriotism" (Disinformation Books) by Mickey Z. For more info, please visit:

    Activist Explains his 'Exterminate Whites' Comment

    By Cash Michaels, Contributing Writer November 21, 2005 via black.....My Story RALEIGH, N.C. (Special to the NNPA from The Carolinian) - It last month during a pre-Millions More Movement conference in Washington, D.C. about improving Black media and activist communications in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, that Kamau Kambon's world was turned upside down. Activists at the televised "Pro-Black Media Forum" held at Howard University hammered home the same message - after the horrendous events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, African-Americans dare not trust the government again, and had better regain control over their communities and destinies. But Kambon, one of the invited speakers, angered by what he believed was a continuation of hundreds of years of White oppression of Black people without redress, and sickened by the self-genocide of the community he loves so much, stunned those gathered, and thousands more watching live on C-SPAN, with the following: "...[T]hey're monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate White people, because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate White people off the face of the planet to solve this problem." After a scattering of applause, the college professor and Black Raleigh bookstore owner continued, "I don't care whether you clap or not, but I'm saying to you that we need to solve this problem because they are going to kill us." He reiterated the point by declaring, "White people want to kill us." In contrast to nonviolent leaders of the 60s like the NAACP's Roy Wilkins and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Black nationalists throughout history, like Malcolm X ("By any means necessary"), H. Rap Brown ("Burn, baby burn") and the late, fiery Nation of Islam ex-minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad ("Lift every voice and sing, yes, but also, lift every fist and swing") always warned that the day of the "final comedown" was approaching, where Blacks would have to take up arms against the White majority to stop police brutality, drug trafficking and racial discrimination. But none had ever publicly used the powerful word "extermination" before. When Kambon, a quiet, well-studied apolitical man who is unaffiliated with any group, religion or cause, used that term on television, intended or otherwise, it ignited a firestorm of national controversy that he neither expected, nor intended. By the middle of the following week, outraged Whites were abuzz on the Internet not only about Kambon's remarks, but that he was a visiting professor at North Carolina State University. They wanted him immediately fired. The school issued a statement distancing itself from the educator. He is no longer there. "Why hasn't this professor been arrested and charged with inciting violence, solicitation of mass murder, and promotion of genocide, which is an international crime against humanity?" wrote someone called "Umnumzana" at The Political Teen, a conservative Web site. One wrote, "This man is a true racist," while another stated, "This man is a human savage." Still another identified himself as "Angry Whitey." On other Web sites, bloggers who identified themselves as White, said they were arming themselves, using racially derogatory language in the process. Radio talk shows across the nation picked up on the controversy, and phone banks were jammed with angry White listeners. Conservative bloggers, still smarting from defending former U.S. Education Secretary Bill Bennett's abort "every Black baby" remark, spun the story to portray Kambon as "Black racist number one." Even Black leaders were called to task to publicly denounce Kambon's remarks. The problem was while the controversy was boiling over in the White community, few in the African-American community were aware it, even days after the fact. Conservatives at the John Locke Foundation tried to get North Carolina Black congressmen Mel Watt and G.K. Butterfield to sponsor a resolution in Congress to denounce Kambon, just like they did Bill Bennett. But neither was aware of the Kambon controversy. When William J. Barber, state NAACP president, was asked to denounce Kambon on NBC-17 News "At Issue" three weeks ago, he hadn't heard anything about it. Still, he made clear that "exterminating White people" was not something the NAACP believed in. "We don't believe in exterminating people," Barber said. " We believe in exterminating bad social policy." Every local African-American leader The Carolinian spoke to within three weeks of the controversy also knew nothing about it, and were surprised to hear it. Those who knew Kambon for many years were especially surprised and said they didn't agree with his "solution." But they added that he and his family throughout the years have always answered the call of the community when needed, allowing various causes to use their Blacknificent Books and More store, or adjoining Bennu' Cultural Center for important meetings and events. They reiterated they didn't agree with Kambon's "solution," but they did agree with what they understood he saw as the problem - the steady genocide, through violence, drugs, poor health and discrimination - of the Black community. Some also noted that while Kambon has always been upfront about his abhorrence of White racism and White supremacy, he knew that there were good, supportive Whites out there. The abolitionists of history who, under threat of death, taught enslaved Africans how to read, and helped found several historically black colleges and universities. And then there's Chapel Hill civil rights attorney Al McSurely, who represented the DOT-7 in the infamous hangman's noose case. McSurely also has represented Kambon when he sued St. Aug for age discrimination after he was terminated several years ago. Those Whites who, in Kambon's view, "just don't give a damn about the great, great, great grandchildren whose ancestors' blood is soaked in the very ground on which we stand," are the enemy, he says, though he's quick to note that liberal Whites are not standing for justice as they said they would. But those who see him as a "hater" have stopped at nothing to vilify him. Kambon's critics are so incensed that they've even created fake interviews online with "Kambon," even though he's never said a word publicly about the controversy until this interview. While all of the mania was going on, threats were being called in to both the store and his home, worrying his family and friends. There weren't a lot, but enough to give pause. There were also calls of support from around the country, however, particularly from young people. They encouraged Kambon to respond, to say something before his remarks were further distorted. Saying anything immediately would only ramp up the fire. Kambon felt it best to let things cool down for a while, and speak only when he was prepared to do so. That time came last week at the Bennu' Cultural Center. In a seven-page statement that was videotaped for later distribution and put up on the Web, Kambon set out to not only respond to critics, but even to those who didn't understand what he says he was saying. He felt the media ran wild with the "exterminate" line, but did not report the rest of what he said, the context for such a dire and dramatic assessment. "I made a statement on a panel in Washington, D.C. on October 14, 2005 and today I am prepared to bring remarks on my original comments," he told a select audience of community supporters. "My official statement today is that I speak for no one." Using that as his recurring theme, Kambon said he "spoke for no one" except "the ancient Afrikans of Kemet - the original name that was changed by the Greeks of Egypt - who were invaded and murdered in mass numbers over the course of centuries by" several peoples, including the Arabs, French, British and Romans Kambon took listeners through a history lesson he was well versed in, recounting the enslavement and "murder" of "Afrikans" by the Arabs over several centuries; the enslavement and imprisonment of millions of West Africans by the Europeans. "I speak for no one, EXCEPT for the millions of Afrikan men in those dungeons who refused to submit and were put three to four in a cell and were left there for all of the other enslaved Afrikans to see them die a slow and painful death," Kambon wrote." "The millions of Afrikan women who were selected by the white commander of the dungeon to be raped repeatedly and sometimes left to die in their own blood." As Kambon, the author of several books on Black history, Black genocide and other topics about how Black people struggle to overcome the horror of their history, sees it, there has been no historic redress for the millions of "enslaved" Africans, brought from their motherland of Africa, chained in great number in cramped, dark and inhuman conditions in the belly of slave ships. The Middle Passage; the Black Holocaust. Many of them ripped off their chained limbs, he says, to jump over the ships into shark-infested waters, preferring to face certain death than enslavement in the "New World." "I speak for no one EXCEPT for all of the Afrikans who arrived in North America bewildered, brutalized, weak, robbed of their culture, language, religions, families, cosmologies and longing for their own homeland," Kambon said." Kambon went on to cite heroes of Black history such as Harriet Tubman, Ida B Wells, W.E.B. DuBois and Frederick Douglass "....and all Black people who begged and petitioned the American government to intercede to stop White people from wanton beatings, murdering, lynching, raping and terrorizing of Black men, Black women and Black children. The government did nothing. The deaths continued." Kambon even paid tribute to the thousands of Black soldiers "who gave their lives" in every war of this nation, "only to return to their America and be lynched physically, economically or socially, while wearing their u.s. uniforms as White people sang "America the Beautiful." He also noted more than 2,000 lynchings of Black people at the turn of the 19th century. And Kambon didn't forget North Carolina history. "I speak for no one, EXCEPT for the many men, women and children who were murdered in Wilmington, NC and Tulsa, Oklahoma - both considered "Black Wall Streets" - and their land stolen from them with the sanction of the American government. The 7,600 Black and poor women in North Carolina, and [31] other states, who were sterilized without their knowledge or permission in clinics as part of the population control program. These sterilizations went on from 1929 to 1974. 65,000 Black and poor women, in this country, were sterilized during this period. Kambon also noted the infamous Tuskegee experiments conducted by the federal government, where black men with syphilis were allowed to die over a 40-year period. Kambon noted many other atrocities put upon Black people and their leaders throughout history that have never been redressed, though many had asked. He talked further about Black babies dying because of poor nutrition; the millions of Black men and women behind bars; elderly Black people not able to make ends meet and forced to give up their properties; the generations of Black people in Africa dying of AIDS. The "Black Holocaust" is still going on, Kambon says. "Some have asked White people, referring to the government and corporations, to just consider talking about reparations, and those requests have fallen on deaf ears," he writes. "Why are White people not listening to, and implementing the suggestions of all the civic groups trying to advance the social, economic, educational, health and cultural concerns of Black people? "I speak for no one, EXCEPT for my ancestors, our dead, and for myself, and I am saying that I don't even know half of the true history of Black people. but I have seen and know enough to be able to say, "The war and genocide against Black people, in all of the areas of life activity, worldwide, must stop." In further remarks to his audience, Kambon admitted that Black people are in no position to do what he said on Oct. 14, and that his remarks were more a reference to if something isn't done to stop the genocide of Blacks at the hands of whites, "we'll be wiped off the face of the Earth." Realizing that his "solution" is not popularly shared in the African-American community, Kambon closed by asking, "Do you have a better solution to offer to solve this problem?" (His full seven-page statement can be read